Getting started

You gotta start somewhere so let’s delete the “Hello World” post that comes with every WordPress install and write something else.

Chances are you reached this page by mistake. If that’s the case, feel free to navigate away. If not, I’ll explain what this is about.

"Another blog", he said.

You see, I already have a blog at Since I rarely post there nowadays, why not start a blog somewhere else, right?

That probably didn’t make sense to you. I know because it doesn’t make sense to me either.

Anyways, this blog is now a thing. You might be also wondering, why is he trying to write in English? I never posted in English before and I’m far from being proficient with it. Actually, I never had any “formal” English education, the little I managed to learn comes from browsing the web at a young age and maybe the fact that most media back then consisted of US shows & movies.

Also, I stopped using English on a daily basis over a year ago since I switched jobs. While my current employer is also an US company, the person I interact 99.9% of the time speaks Spanish.

There’s another reason as well. Over time I started to feel that a language is more than an abstraction layer for ideas & concepts, it’s also a way of organizing thoughts. I can’t explain it very well yet, but I guess an exaggerated and negative example of this is doublethink.

So there you have it, no matter the reason behind it, now I got myself a place where I’ll be posting [1] stuff that doesn’t quite fit the tone of the other blog, while giving me a chance to write stuff in my gloriously broken English.


Or not.

[1] If you’ve been following the other blog, then you know that is probably B.S.